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QUESTION: Can my children go the shooting range?


ANSWER: Yes, we actually very recommend you take your child (age 3+) to try new things, and don’t worry, we will give fully protection.


QUESTION: Can i bring my own gun to the class?


ANSWER: Yes, you can, as long as your firearms is legal in California.


QUESTION: How long in advance should I make an appointment?


ANSWER: About 1 week (7 days) will be great.


Instructions for making Appointments


1. If making appointments:

   On Monday to Friday ------ Needs to be 3 to 4 days ahead;

   Weekends ------ Needs to be one week ahead.


2. The duration of each class:

     2 --- 4 hours.

     2 — 4小時。

3. Fees approximate:

    Class tuition, firearm renting $75/person, 9mm ammo $25/box (box of 50).

    All Bundles Classes attendees will be charged a range fee of $40/person.



4. Personal ID card photo, phone numbers, email address and name are required for the appoints. Invoice will be

     emailed to you. The appointments will be made successfully once we receive the payments.  


5. Payment types: $100 deposit is required. The remaining payments could be paid via. cash or card on site.

    付款方式:預付$100 押金,餘額現金支付或現場刷卡。

6. If you need to change the class time, please notice us at least one day ahead and reschedule. If you are late to the 

     class for more than 30 minutes without notice, the class will be automatically canceled and please reschedule with



7. Please read this before cancelling your class:

     (1)  Cancelling 48 hours ahead: deposits will be refunded (not including service charge)

     (2) Cancelling within 48 hours: deposits will be refunded ($50 cancelling fees will be charge)



Rendezvous point before class:


1.  Target Parking 停車場集合
    Address 地址:809N Azusa Ave,Azusa,CA 91702,United States

2. After going through the train tracks and turning into the 1st floor parking lot, turn right immediately and meet us in       the northeast corner of the parking lot. 通過列車軌道以後請進入Target超市內一樓的停車場,進入後立刻右轉在停車場東北角集合

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